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I'm Emily. I am a mom, a wife, shop owner, manifesting generator, aquarius sun/aries moon/cancer rising, a creative, an empath, a woman. There are many hats I wear and things I am, however they don't define me...they are simply parts of me. I've been on a long journey to self acceptance and find joy and healing in sharing that with others. I hope to connect and inspire other women to nurture, understand and love themselves on a deeper level, as I have found so much freedom in that. Nature and water is my medicine. Although I can't get to the water's edge feet will be grounded in the grass daily. I practice slowing down. Which is a practice in a fast paced world. My goal is to listen inward and follow my truth vs. following the crowd. I hope you find this to be a positive space to land for a bit. Thanks for visiting!

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