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this is your sign...

This is your sign and nudge to put yourself first and fill your own cup up. Your opportunity to reconnect with the most important person in your life...YOU!

Welcome to the YOU retreat.


Reset, renew,
and connect

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The YOU retreat is designed for YOU. The mom, the woman, the soul who might be feeling stuck or stagnant. Maybe it is the never ending to-do list or the constant needs of those around you. It could be feeling unfulfilled in your career or strain in relationships. Maybe you're simply feeling disconnected from yourself, stuck on auto pilot and survival mode. Whatever the reason, this weekend is for you to pause and take the time you deserve to connect back to you.

​Spend the weekend reconnecting with yourself. You'll get 3 nights to yourself for intentional self reflection, to deepen your sense of purpose, to reclaim rest as an act of self-love, to enjoy quiet, nature and nourish your body with wholesome food, to pause long enough to allow your body, mind and soul to soften, to soak in the guidance and teaching from experienced facilitators, to connect with like-hearted moms and women, and to be held in a safe space to be and bring all of you.

what's included

Every detail will be thought of and taken care of. All you have to do it show up!

Lake at Dusk

3 night stay at a luxury

lakefront home in Michigan

Green Salad

Homemade organic dinners prepared especially for you

Yoga Retreat

Transformative sessions focusing on mind/body/spirit

Breakfast Table

Organic nourishing buffet for breakfast and lunches


Detailed itinerary and welcome bag of self care products

Sound Healing

All necessities for the weekend planned and curated for you

you have permission to put yourself first

There will be a million and one reasons that'll come to mind on why you can't do this. Family obligations, it feels selfish, it's too much time away, it's too much money to spend on yourself, it feels indulgent, they'll be too much guilt...

And there are a million and one reasons why you NEED this.

The most important one being, you are worth it.

what to expect...

Expect a mind/body/soul experience with opportunities to explore each through conversation, connection, movement, breath work, journaling, solo moments and nature.


Expect a typical day to begin slowly. Breakfast and lunch will be buffet style focused on fresh and organic options to truly nourish and fuel you. Group sessions and meditation will be led by Jackie Loughlin throughout the day on Friday, as well as Saturday morning. Jackie has worked with countless women creating a safe space for deep self reflection and vulnerable conversations as well as being a guide supporting women in navigating their human experience so they may feel more alive, happy, fulfilled and present in their everyday lives.

Kelli Bowman will join us for another transformative session on the body. She helps women care for and nourish themselves well. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Kelli has worked with women, kids and families on health and wellness. She will share tangible ways to create less stress and optimal health in your life. She will also prepare us a nourishing dinner, as she is a talented home cook and food blogger as well.

Courtney O'Keefe is a Certified Sound Healer and will lead a sound bath. She will offer tarot card readings for those interested. We will touch on Human Design and Astrology throughout the weekend as well. If you don't know anything about either, it will be a great introduction!

Expect a substance free weekend to allow for total presence. Evenings will be low key. Dinner will be shared together. The pool will be open to swim. We will sit around the fire. There will be plenty of time for walks on the beach of Lake Michigan under the stars above or grounding in the sand. And most importantly a good nights rest in spacious, luxe accommodations. The house is stunning.


You'll get a detailed itinerary, however every moment will not be filled. So, expect time for you to nourish and nurture yourself however you see fit whether that's a nap, a swim in the lake, or an extra long hot shower whenever you want.

Each day will include time alone for reflection, rest, and solitude as well as time to be in community together. You will leave refreshed. You will leave with actionable steps towards lasting shifts in your life. You will leave with a new circle of women cheering you on. You will leave connected back to YOU.

retreat facilitators

Meet and learn about the women who will lead, guide and share. 

emily harazin
Emily created this retreat out of a desire to bring women together in a safe place to truly be seen. She is a creative, a dreamer, an apothecary shop owner and self love advocate. 
learn more:
IG: @emilyharazin
jackie loughlin
Jackie is the main event and will help you gain the clarity you need to change your life! She takes you on a journey to truly know, love, and accept yourself and find the inner peace your soul craves. Her approach encompasses it all....mind/body/soul.
learn more:
IG: @jackieloughlin
kelli bowman
Kelli is a homemade food blogger and certified IIN (Integrative Nutrition) Coach who knows how to nourish a women’s body well. She guides women and families to optimal health and wellness.
learn more:
IG: @mihomemadelife
courtney o'keefe
Courtney is a certified sound healer, podcast host and owner of Able Alchemy. She creates intentional space for meaningful transformation and conversation. She encourages you to listen to your intuition and soul's desires.
learn more:
IG: @ablealchemy
I'd love to chat more with you! Book a complimentary call with me below if you have questions or would like more information before you dive in. If there are any reservations, worries or obstacles - we can discuss it all!
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Oct 10, 2024, 5:00 PM – Oct 13, 2024, 11:30 AM
Dunegrass Path,
Stevensville, MI 49127, USA
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