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Gift Ideas: for boys 4-7ish

This is for the little dudes! The guys who are still young and into toys that can keep them busy for hours. I love to collect and purchase open ended toys that lead to imaginative play and aren't one and done items. So, let's dive into some gift ideas that are sure to please without becoming clutter!

We focus on 1-2 gifts within in the category of WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ from my husband and I! This helps us keep focused and mix in some needed or educational items too. Then, Santa brings 2-3 gifts from our kids WANT/wish list, plus a handful of stocking stuffers (I make sure these are extensions of gifts or useful items, staying away from junky clutter). There is always a few group gifts like replenishing art supplies or a family game, too!

I'll share a couple favorites from each category below. You can find links to each items on the gift idea guide below. Click on arrows to see all, and click on each item to view!


Plus Plus Blocks: We have these already and they are a crowd favorite. Easy to manipulate, build with and make all sorts of creations!

A Bike: If you are on the hunt for a bike, look no further! Will loves this bike and it's simply made, easy to ride, and nice to look at.


Tackle Box: Will is big time into fishing right now, so this year he needs a tackle box of his own. I have a cricut machine, so I will add his name to it as well, making it a bit more special!

Sheets: A patterned set of new sheets is fun to open and very needed!


Crocs: These are my kids most used and worn shoes! Make it extra fun by pairing it with the charms that can be used to decorate them or something for summer fun.

Underwear: A perfect time to stock up on underwear, jammies, socks or seasonal clothes!


BOB Books: Great set for early readers!

Seek + Find Book: I like using this "read" category for books, games or fun activities that are enjoyed by the whole family, or for car rides and travel. Will loves seek + finds!

Hope this helps you with an idea or two! Happy Shopping!


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