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Holiday Gift Guide: Boys ages 2-4!

My little guy turns 3 in January! He is extremely into trucks, trucks and trucks. So, I struggle on what to get him because he has a one track mind!

That is the biggest reason why I love focusing on a gift theme for my holiday gift guide! When I use the categories of “want, need, wear, read” to help me narrow down gifts, I am much more intentional. Also, I can still play into his love of trucks with each of these categories. I hope this helps you narrow down an idea or two!

Here is my gift guide for boys ages 2-4! I will share more on a few items from each category below. You can find links to shop by hovering over the items in the description or the photos at the end of the post.

Something I WANT…

Hape Firehouse Play Set – This is a big yes for Will, and I know many little guys who would love to play pretend with their favorite place to visit…the firehouse! I love Hape because the toys are wooden and really well made, so all of their toys are a hit!

Trucks + Kinetic Sand – Pair these 2 with the Ikea table in the “need” category, and you have yourself a truck playground! The best part about kinetic sand is that it sticks together and never dries out. Aka…minimal mess and multiple uses. That’s a win for everyone!

First Bike – And this one is the most darling option! I want one for myself! Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the love of a Barbie or Mickey Mouse covered bike, but a classic one is even better in my book. Save Mickey for the action figures and toys!

Something I NEED…

Winter Hat – These are handmade, so get your order in soon! I love having a set of these for all the kids and we can get 2 years out of them for sure.

Sleeping Bag – Fun for the whole family on movie nights or a rainy day!

Water Bottle – This is a fancy one! I prefer stainless steel to plastic. This will keep drinks cold or warm for hours!

Winter Coat – Everyone needs a new coat around this time of year, so why not make it a very needed gift!

Ikea Table – The best affordable and simple table/desk/sensory bin! Lift the top and you can store belongings beneath or add kinetic sand, water with bubbles or rice for an amazing sensory experience. I buy oil cloth and put in underneath for easier clean up.

Diffuser – The best gift to support sleep and a happy night time routine. The one pictured is the Owl Diffuser from Young Living. It is also a night light, sound machine and plays music. At my apothecary shop, á la main, we have diffusers and diffuser blends for purchase and they can be shipped!

Something to WEAR…

Sweatshirts – Stock up on a few more basics for the season! Even better, find affordable options that are in a pack and get more for your money.

Pajamas – Everyone needs a new set of pjs at Christmas, and a festive pair too! PJs are always low or out of stock in the sizes I need, so grab them now. You’ll be glad you did!

Hooded Towel – So cute, cozy and fun…perfect way to make bath time more enjoyable!

Something to READ…

Here are books on our list this year:

  1. Trucks (obviously)

  2. BOB Books for beginning readers

  3. ABC What Can He Be?

  4. Dear Boy

  5. Where the Wild Things Are

  6. Highlights Magazine Subscription is always a fun options that gives all year long!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my gifts guides! You can also access my girls ages 3-5 and ages 0-2 holiday gift guide here!

I really appreciate you using the links when you can, as well. If you have any questions or something isn’t working, please reach out!


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