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Holiday Gift Guide: Girls ages 3-5!

Holiday shopping…what are your thoughts on it? Do you start early or wait until the last minute? Do you prefer to plan it out or wing it?

When I click on Amazon, walk into Target, or step into a local store…I tend to get lost with ALL that is around me. I can quickly and easily end up with more than I need, or leave with nothing at all!

Big surprise, I am a bit of a planner! Putting together a holiday gift guide or creating a list is a must for me. And, I prefer to start preparing early on, get all my ducks in a row, so that I’m not scrambling last minute. When I scramble, I get overwhelmed and it just takes the joy out of it for me!

Plus, I seem to always want things or need sizes that are out of stock, and that is a big bummer when I had my heart set on something special! This year I made a very simple chart on google docs to jot down ideas as they are mentioned by my kids. Keeping an ongoing note in your phone works too!

We have followed the gifting plan of “something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read” and we also added “something to give” for a couple of years and I LOVE it. It keeps our "from parents" gifts narrowed down and allows for us to focus on more than just toys.

Santa gifts are separate and those are generally where we can splurge more on wish list items! I usually plan for about 2 larger ticket Santa items, with some smaller wish list gifts sprinkled in. We also have tons of family and our children are very loved, so they are not short on gifts.

That is also why we make an effort to to shop as a family for something to give. It’s the season of giving, and important to me to teach our children that at an early age – especially when they are very egocentric!

I’m going to share my gift guides for all 3 kids age levels (5, 3 and 1.5) starting with Ellie/girls ages 3-5/6. Many of these items are on her wish list, we have or I have purchased/plan to grab soon! I love to see what others have on their lists, and almost always see something I never thought of. So, I hope that this is helpful to you and you find something to cross off your list!

Hover over the name of each item to get links straight to the source! I also have ALL of the items (and a few more) linked at the bottom of this post.

Something I want…

Barbie Dreamhouse – This is Ellie’s top request! We have a Kid Kraft house from last year that she barely plays with but she seems to be very interested in this. If your little girl love Barbies, this is a perfect big gift!

Scooter – If you don’t have one of these, they are a must! This is the brand we have had the most success with. I’m also getting a little basket for it (see under the “need” category) to hold her treasures!

Rattan Doll Bed – Can you even with this?! How precious. Many toys are so bright and can be an eye soar, but a classic play crib like this…I wouldn’t mind that out at all!

Safe & Clean Make Up – This brand is made by a mom who was looking for a safer option for her kids to play make up with. Sign me up for that! I have avoided all of the make up, lip glosses, bath bubbles, etc because they are filled with disrupting chemicals – but I just ordered this and Ellie will be THRILLED!

Something to read…

Magazine subscription – We get Highlights magazine monthly and love it! There are many different ones out there, but what a great way to have mail for your little one to look forward to each month!

Here are a few other books on our list this year…

Something to wear…

Baseball Hat – We love our Rey to Z hats! They are the perfect addition to your Christmas list for the whole family.

Hooded Towel – Ellie is unicorn obsessed! This cute towel will be sure to make her smile. Everyone is getting one!

Name Bracelet – I have a stack of these with the kids names for myself, and Ellie always wants to wear them. Such a perfect personalized, affordable gift!

Underwear – These packs of underwear are our favorite! They are 100% cotton, fit well and they come in so many cute patterns. It isn’t Christmas if you don’t get new undies right!?

Something I need…

Lunch bag AND Bentgo Box – This will be our first lunch bag purchase! Perfect for school, picnics or lunch on the go.

Scooter/Bike Basket – I am in love with this basket. We have the larger one linked below for Ellie’s bike, but she loves taking her scooter around town and needs a place to store her treasures. This can also be worn as a backpack or bag! Definitely a winner!

Bike Basket – We have this basket for Ellie’s bike and love it!

Monogrammed Winter Hat – Time to size up on our winter hats, and these handmade hats are to die for! They come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Put your order in quickly, as she makes them by hand!

Table/Sensory Bin – This Ikea table is so affordable, and doubles as a sensory bin with 2 bins that can be tucked away. Also perfect to store coloring books and supplies. It’s aesthetically pleasing, simple in design, wipes easily…can’t go wrong!

If you shop through the Like to Know It app or click the links on this post (CLICK THE PRICE NEAR THE BOTTOM), I receive a small commission and it is deeply appreciated! Please reach out if you have any questions about an item! I loved putting this together! Happy shopping!


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