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We accumulate WAY TOO much candy during Halloween as a family of 5! I was looking for a way for my kids to participate in trick-or-treating while also being mindful of not over-doing it. And, that is when I learned about the switch witch! Read on to learn about her too...

trick or treating

The switch witch comes in to swap out some of the candy for a toy, book, cash or gift. Kids can keep whatever amount of candy parents decide, and the rest is switched out! We did this last year and it was such a hit. After a few days of the candy excitement and getting hopped up on sugary treats, it was time for us to move on anyways.

This has also been such a fun way to keep some and let go of the rest. A perfect practice of decluttering if you ask me. Teach them young!

As a mom, I know that I have a lot of control when it comes to what my kids eat, consume, the environment we live in, etc. It's a lot of pressure, honestly. So, when there are easy ways to make simple swaps, I'm all for it.

I decided a while ago to not buy food, treats or anything with dyes in it anymore. That doesn't mean my kids can never have it, but I am intentional about spending our money on it. So, for Halloween I am being more mindful about passing out candy and snacks that are dye free as well. This feels like one area I can make a better choice!

Recycle Your Candy Wrappers!

If you are local to me, we are also collecting candy wrappers with Rubicon's Trash or Treasure Program to recycle and give a second life to the TONS of candy wrappers that are tossed during Halloween. We are collecting at my shop, á la main! I just love this idea. Join us or find a collection box near you.

I hope these ideas are helpful ways to have a bit more intentionality around Halloween this year!

Tap below to download and print the free switch witch printable. Read it with your kids and give it a try! My kids are already talking about what the switch witch is going to bring.

the switch witch download

switch witch
Download PDF • 1.29MB


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