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Summer Days

Hello, summertime!

We are getting summer ready over here. To prepare for longer more carefree days, I have created a few things to keep us on the same page during this transition!

I love the idea of doing less, and letting the summer be fluid and free...however from my experience, simple structure keeps us all in a better place.

Although we are all excited, the fact is that it's a transition. It is different than what has been happening for the last 8 months of a school year routine. And believe it or not, kids like structure. They like rules. They feel safe and secure with some structure. Being a teacher for 10 years taught me a thing or two about how to set kids up for success!

I LOVE this basic daily 5/mind/body outline that I saw from Shelby Goodman's IG page. I recreated her charts for our needs and am now sharing them with you! We need to support each other as moms, right! Take this idea and give it a go if you'd like.

I share this to hopefully help. Not because you need to feel guilty if this isn't your thing, or maybe you have zero desire to do it like I am. It's all good! We do what works best for our individual families and kids. If this feels like something that would help you, feel free to tap below and print it out!

FYI, these things never last terribly long for us, and I don't treat it as a strict situation but as a "during the transition period" type thing, and as a basic outline. It's lifesaving for us!

I have added a printable option below with a few varying options! Write in your own or print out mine.

Here is to a great summer!


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