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Meet Emily


I'm a midwestern girl who loves the ocean. Nature truly is my medicine. Although I can't get to the water's edge feet will be in the grass daily! My husband Bobby and I live in Illinois with our three kids; Ellie, Will and Claire - and can't forget our fifteen year old pug, Lula.


I taught 2nd and 3rd grade for ten years before I was fortunate enough to stay home. I was awakened during the transition into motherhood, and that catapulted me into a deep journey back to myself. I went into being a mom with elation and excitement, and quickly learned there was so much that I wasn't prepared for. It was a jarring start to motherhood with a traumatic birth that left me unable to sit for months. I pushed through and pulled myself together, but after my second child, my mind, body and soul had enough. The postpartum period was a blur and a painful time. As I look back on that new mom now, I just want to offer her a hug and a hand.

After my third child, I invested in a coach and the help I needed to get unstuck. From there, I have continued to embrace myself, show myself love and compassion and let go of old programming that no longer fits my story. I learned that I had a lot of healing and work to do in order to show up as my best self and as the best mom, wife, human I knew I was made to be. I realized that the path home is always about getting to know and love yourself.


I'm an open book and open to learning, growing and expanding any chance I get. I love using astrology and human design as tools that create space for acceptance to self. When I started to pave my own way, aligned with who I am made to be, I'm always met with confirmation and peace. When I live out my destiny, I'm never steered wrong. 


Thank you for being here and joining me on the path to a more aligned life.

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