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5 Organization Hacks to Reduce Clutter!

Decluttering is an ongoing practice, especially for those of us with little ones! I’m going to share 5 simple organization hacks for your home that will help you to streamline and reduce the mess.

By creating small routines, habits and practices around your home, you too can lessen the clutter and feel clearer throughout the day!

Organization Hack #1:

Use a stair basket.

I absolutely LOVE this organization hack…having a stair basket on the steps! This simple tip helps to keep stairs clear of clutter and allows you to set items down without running up and down all day.

The key here is grabbing stuff out of the basket when you pass by! Sometimes that becomes of a fun game of who will pass the basket (and how many times) without carrying anything up, lol.

Organization Hack #2:

Use stylish baskets, with a lid.

Tuck blankets and/or toys and misc items away in stylish baskets that serve as home decor. Opt for a basket with a lid to easily keep items out of plain sight. This helps give the illusion of tidiness when putting messy looking things away.

For example, our blankets aways seem to look messy, no matter how nicely I fold them! My kids also seem to unfold them each time I fold one – so by placing a lid on top they are stored away safely!

Organization Hack #3:

Keep shoes (and socks!) by the door.

This tip is a must! Whether you have a mudroom, closet, bench or anything in between…find a spot for a shoe basket for each family member.

Keep socks in a little container within each basket. This reduces the amount of time wasted before leaving the house. It may seem simple, but it is life changing!

Organization Hack #4:

Keep hair supplies in the kitchen.

Or wherever you tend to rush around in the morning. Just like tip #3, this simple tip will reduce wasted time and irritation! We keep hair ties, a brush, á la main all-natural botanical tame hair detangler (you can purchase it here!) and a few bows in a drawer in the kitchen.

I have 2 daughters, so while they are having breakfast or moving about in the morning, I am able to quickly grab what I need right there! Mom win!

Organization Hack #5:

Always have a donation bag going.

Keep a donation bag going, at all times. I keep a paper grocery bag in our coat closet! As I move about our day, I’m always coming across things that a) don’t fit one of my children anymore b) we don’t use c) are junky, tchotchke or trinkets d) are broke (toss those ones) and e) are just plain ready to go! Instead of putting them back into the drawer or basket, I put them in the bag.

Once the bag is full…off it goes to donate. I love this system. Give it a go!

You can find shopping links to a few of my favorite organization hack baskets and items to streamline your space and reduce clutter here:

If you are looking for additional ways to declutter your life, more than just the physical stuff, check out my blog post on Decluttering your Life here!


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