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School Paper Bin

If you are like me and get overwhelmed with the amount of papers, projects, drawings, etc. that come home from school and pile up...this post is for you! This can easily become clutter if there isn’t a system in place.

I finally got around to making a school paper bin for each of my kids, and I already feel less stress around the never ending paper trail. I saw this idea years ago and contemplated buying them…but it’s a simple thing to make, I promise!

What you will need:

  1. Plastic Filing Bin

  2. Hanging File Folders

  3. Labels for each year (print out my super simple ones below)

  4. Name Tag

When school papers come home throughout the year, save the extra special ones in the school paper bin. Let the rest go! This will help to minimize what you keep! If you run out of room because you just can’t say good bye to it all, move half of the hanging file folders to another bin to spread them out. Try to keep it minimal though!

When you have a system like this in place for organizing, it will drastically help with the overwhelm and the clutter piles that accumulate. I also have a wall organizer in our mudroom to collect papers throughout the week.

Then, make a date with yourself to go through the daily collection bin or basket weekly and sort it out!

For large paper art projects, I found this keepsake portfolio! Anything worth saving, goes right in here. You will for sure be seeing this on my holiday gift guide this year, too! It is a perfect gift idea.

Now that all the school papers and projects are accounted for, I still found myself with the at home paper trail of projects!

They are all cute and special, but we just can’t keep it all. It’s okay to toss. It’s also great to get your kiddos in on the action, modeling how to decide what to keep and what to let go of. This is a life long skill!

I purchased these boxes and labeled them with my kids names. They are really well made and bonus…they can serve as shelf decor, too!

Any at home projects or drawings go straight in here! I even quickly write the date and a note on the back, so I can remember it all.

“Will drew his first person.”

“Claire colored in the lines so well.”

“Ellie made a list of things she wants to do this summer.”

Looking through this box over the years is sure to tug on my mama heart strings. You can shop the post below! Let me know if you have questions and happy organizing!


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