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Holiday Gift Guide: Girls ages 0-2!

How early is too early to get planned and ready for Christmas? I always had this idea that it just wasn’t right to begin TOO much ahead of schedule. Now that life feels busier and busier as the years pass, it’s never too early in my opinion! So, the Holiday Gift Guide is ready to go ahead of schedule...hallelujah!

Claire is almost 17 months and is my 3rd child…so she gets a LOT of hand me downs and has a basement stocked with toys already. That was much different when Ellie was her age and we were still building our toy collection. When Will was her age, we had quite a few ideas for boy specific gifts too but for Claire…I have been stumped!

As I have mentioned, gifts from my husband and I are narrowed into 4 categories: Want, Need, Wear, Read. We also focus on "Something to Give" whether it is cleaning out toys we don’t use anymore or purchasing something for someone in need. Then Santa brings in the big guns with a few WISH LIST items. I generally do 2 larger gifts from Santa and a few additional ones as well!

Claire is also in that phase where she can’t tell us what she wants and has to clue what Christmas is! So it’s a sweet spot of just letting her watch, enjoy and not feeling the need to go overboard yet.

So without further adieu….here are some ideas for your little one who is 0-2 years old! These can all be adapted to a boy too!

Something I WANT…

Play Kitchen – we have had this KidKraft Vintage Kitchen for years and it is still in great shape. I love the neutral look of it and if you are a DIY queen, you can elevate it up with spray paint, removable wall paper or whatever your heart desires!

Sensory Table – This KidKraft one looks amazing! You can store sensory play inside and also use as a table. I love anything that can double as more than one thing! I also added a sensory idea to the gift guide with pom poms, a bin and tongs – would be really fun to pair with this!

Water Table – If you do not have a water table already, think ahead to those long summer days and grab one now! We have this one and it’s been a big hit!

Something I NEED…

Barefoot Dreams Blanket – This baby sized Barefoot Dreams blanket is AMAZING! It’s a perfect time to splurge a little on your little one – Claire has this one and it is by far her favorite to cuddle up with at night and I foresee it becoming her “blankie” for the long haul!

Christmas Stocking – This was out of stock when I went to order it last year, but I ordered with enough time this year! I love that they can be personalized for each kiddo and you can have a matching set!

Plates/Utensils – We are always in need of new plates, utensils, water bottles, etc. These are silicone and also suction to the table – someone was thinking!

Something to WEAR…

Zutano Booties – These are the absolute BEST! We have 3 pairs and it is all Claire is wearing currently. They stay on well, are warm, easy to put on and take off and extra cozy. A definite must!

Hooded Towel – Another thing we could always use more of…towels! I got one of these for all the kids this year. Why not make bath time more fun!

Pajamas – Did you know Amazon has a Hanna Andersson collection? These go in and out of stock frequently – but I have heard they are the same quality and a lower price point! They are on our list to snag too!

Something to READ…

Floating Book Shelves – I highly recommend floating shelves to hold your books, if you don’t have them already. I found these which look just like the Ikea ones I have many of! Books on display are the best kind of decor!

Indestructibles Books – These books are a parents dream! You can’t rip or tear them, they are chew proof and washable, and hold up so well with rough hands.

Other books worth grabbing:


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